Monday, July 31, 2017

Mid-Year Challenge Check-In

I'm a bit late, but I thought I'd take a peek at my year-long challenges and put together a mid-year progress report. I cut way back on challenges this year and I'm extremely glad I did. Even with the relatively few I am doing, I still feel like I spend too much time tracking, logging, tallying etc. So I'm planning to cut back even further next year -- though my fellow challenge-junkies will know that can be easier said than done!

Overall, I'm very happy with my progress thus far. I've bumped my Goodreads Yearly Goal up numerous times because I log all of my books including picture books and my number is climbing far faster than I anticipated. While we do read plenty of picture books on repeat, we've had many more new-to-us ones this year than I expected (I only log each one once -- I'm not in the business of torturing myself that much!) If I was not including picture books, trust me, my goal would be wayyyy lower than the current 500 I have it set at (and I'm 171 books ahead of schedule -- haha!)

Goal: Konisgburg level; 75+ points
Current Progress: 48 points

* * * * *

Original artwork by Charles Haigh-Wood (1856-1927)
Goal: Complete Checklist of 102 categories
Current Progress: 92/102 categories

* * * * *

Goal: My Shelves and I are Going Steady, 51+ books
Current Progress: 27 books

* * * * *

Goal: Maximizing Returns, 61-80%
Current Progress: 41%
These numbers do not include my garage sale finds from this weekend. I found some really great stuff for very little numbers are definitely going to skew even lower for a while until I catch up on some of these finds, hopefully before the end of the year! I agonized a bit over how to count treasuries (say, a Curious George treasury with 8 full books included in one volume). Since there aren't really any hard rules on those, I'm counting them as I like :) I also decided to count gifts and freebies alongside purchased books because I should not be acquiring (or keeping) them if I don't want to read them, same as the books I buy.

* * * * *

Goal: 50 books published prior to 2017
Hogwarts Mini Challenge: 4 Scavenger Hunts
Current Progress: 67 (+ TONS of picture books)
Oh hey, I finished my main goal -- woo hoo!
I've made lots of progress on the scavenger hunts, but I haven't submitted anything yet in case I need to shuffle a few titles around.

* * * * *

Goal: All of the Sherlock stories & novels
Current Progress: 2 stories + 1 novel = A TOTAL BUST!
I gave up on the schedule long ago and plan to continue reading these at my leisure instead of as a challenge.

Goal: Full Card; 49 books
Current Progress: 29 books; no BINGO yet (and definitely no full card yet!)


  1. I did the Picture Book bingo card and completed all the squares. I'm also doing a Literature for Kids challenge, for which I have two books left. I did the first level for the Newbery challenge. Even without kids, it's fun to read these books. I may try writing a kids book one day.

    1. They really are fun to read as adults! Now I've dove in, there's no looking back :)

  2. It sounds like you're making great progress with your challenges - happy reading!

  3. Wow, you've made so much progress! Even if picture books are fast to read, just the logistics of getting to all of them seems extremely impressive to me.

    1. Thanks -- it is a lot of picture books! I'm finding it actually more difficult now that I'm only down to 10 categories left...I had been checking off categories without hardly any planning because I always come home with random stacks from the library. But now I really have to seek out books for those last few categories -- it's been such a fun challenge though and I hope they have it again next year :)

  4. You're doing great! I have 81 categories completed on the Picture Book Challenge. I always sit down with my stack of library books and try to match categories, but more often than not, nothing matches the categories I have left! I'll have to start being more intentional about the books I check out. :)

    The Sherlock Holmes challenge sounds really fun! I'm sad I missed out.

    Well done on your challenges so far!


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